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Oracle Systems , Oracle EBS R12 systems , OBIEE systems .. the name go on and most of the customers have all these products. The only product that’s missing is a tool that can tell you whats going on with these systems. Oracle asks you to buy EM , life becomes miserable and more complex. We have been working with multiple customers is end of the day all they need is

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Data Masking and Auditing on Oracle EBS

Data-masking is becoming a important in every organization  after  multiple news of data being compromised  by external people. But now a days Internal Threat is what has to be considered as real problem . Access to data to internal people always raises a question of  ” is it ok” , “is it advisable ” etc . Internal people who are bound to sign the data security agreement but  its very hard to track the person when the data breach happens .  Also marking what data is considered sensitive is also a challenge.

  EBS Cloning Automation ( 12.2 cloning and 12.1.3 cloning)

Oracle EBS Cloning is one of the time consuming and error prone process we have seen at many Customer.  Keeping in this mind we developed the Command based tool that can automate both DB cloning ( Duplication)  and Application cloning. Tool will support running Custom scripts that  will contain all the sql’s that will  take care of most of the post clone steps in terms of data. The Tool supports both RAC and Non-RAC  with or without ASM.

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