OTM is a tracking tool where performance is a key factor. Most of the clients who use these products face performance issues and one of the prime reason is the data volume in underlying tables. Purging OTM tables will not only improve the performance but also will help decreasing the storage footprint of OTM and ROD database.

We can help you purge your data in cost effective and timley manner .Our Purge tool can help you reduce the DB footprint by 80%.

How it Works?

Our Professionals worked at oracle before joining abotts and have an in depth knowledge of OTM data flow. Oracle OTM purge scripts will delete data but they don’t release the space that they occupy. Abotts OTM Data Purger (AOD Purger) will delete the data and reclaim all the unused space . Before we run this tool we need confirmation about Data retention and after the AOD purger completes , we need functional testing team to verify the application.

Abotts will run the tool on development and will give the necessary steps to Client DBA’s to run the same on Production. Our Engineers will be online to Help you anytime or even execute the entire process .

Try our POC at no Cost !!

If you want to evaluate our product then we can implement the solution on a development instance and allow you to decide at no cost. ABOTTS will not charge for this POC and if you happen to like the solution then we can perform the production activity at a very nominal cost.

Contact us for a POC at no cost