Oracle Systems , Oracle EBS R12 systems , OBIEE systems .. the name go on and most of the customers have all these products. The only product that’s missing is a tool that can tell you whats going on with these systems. Oracle asks you to buy EM , life becomes miserable and more complex. We have been working with multiple customers is end of the day all they need is

1) How are my systems performing . It could be performance , load , users , response or transactions . End of the day they know their KPI.

2) I need everything but show me whats Bad , don’t want to review all the graphs , monitors . We need one tool that will say this Graph is bad so you will see performance issue.

3) A Time based look.

Example At 2 AM users reported a performance issue. And the Management wants to know the RCA


— Performance issue is very generic . What went bad

— Easy to Blame the Infrastructure

— Could be Anything

Abottsconsulting was involved at various customer places to do these postmortem and most of the systems were EBS systems or OBIEE or SOA or .. and every time the issues seem to be contained at one system that caused slowness somewhere else. We always had this pattern and we came up with TRENDZ that can tell your where was the Problem.

At 2 am 50 Concurrent requests were running. When you zoom your graph to 2 am we take all the graps ( system loads , DB waits , DB memory , server CPU , SWAP space etc) of all the involved components back to time and you can see the Magic .

users login was High–> Who submitted more requests –> how was my IO response –> how was my CPU utilization –> how many locks etc All these at one place .

And you have the real idea of what happened. Simple and its not expensive.

Product was developed using open source and can be implemented in 8-16 hrs . We don’t have to install any tools , Just a script and our TRENDZ on one server.No Agnet, No Cpu hogging , its Light. Just collect minimal and useful Information.

EBS Monitoring , DB Monitoring , OS Monitoring , OAM monitoring , Oracle SOA monitoring , Oracle OTM monitoring , Agile Monitoring in one DAY. Try us for Free and if you don’t like we don’t charge you anything.

Its not expensive and we are flexible. Contact us for Pricing , Customer reference and Demo.