Enterprise Applications

ABOTTS helps you drive higher business efficiencies by optimizing your enterprise application and mapping out clear cloud strategies and architecture roadmaps.

Oracle SAP Managed Services Web / Mobile Application

Talent Acquisition

It’s not about matching resumes to job descriptions. It’s understanding your corporate culture and digging into what makes an ideal fit for your organization.


Who we Are?

ABOTTS was founded in 2014 with headquarters in Irvine, California and branch office at Fremont, California with offshore Sites in Chennai and Mangalore, India.


Our knowlege isn't just general knowledge about Product Solution. It's industry-specific. Based on years of experience, we've developed learning and practices that can help companies in specific industries improve the agility and performance of their integrated applications.

ABOTTS Specializes on the following Service areas

Business consulting and systems integration

This offers six areas of specialty assistance to clients in customer relationship management, financial management, human capital management, strategy and change, business analytics and supply chain management services.

Application management services

Offers expertise in application development, management, maintenance and support services for software and applications.

Talent Acquisition

We rely on our Staffing Quality Process® to find the best talent, help you reach your goals and keep everyone satisfied.

Our Services

Enterprise Applications

If you want to take advantage of all the latest capabilities that technology can offer Read more

Talent Acquisition

It's not about matching resumes to job descriptions. It's understanding your corporate Read more


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